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75,000th Sale – Congrats to Mr Dad!


Huge Congratulations to our 75,000th recorded customer (since our move to Winsford) Mr Dad!

Since our Salvage Sales moved to Winsford we have racked up and tyre-popping fantastic 75,000 recorded sales.

We are proud of this so to celebrate we awarded our lucky customer with a Bumper Christmas Hamper to commemorate the occasion.

He made a very humble speech upon buying his latest purchase…

“Thank you to all the wonderful staff here at Car Transplants.  I have been a customer with the company for as long as I can remember and have got to know the staff like family.  My sons now buy from here too and use the new parts facility on the website”.

“Thank you again to John and his staff and I shall be purchasing many more vehicles in hope I am the 100,000th customer!”

We wish you all the best with that Mr Dad.