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Update: Minimum £100 discount for your part exchange


We will offer a minimum of £100 discount for your old car or van when used as part of our part exchange service. V5 required, this is valid as of 14/01/2013.

This scrappage allowance in only a minimum if your car is worth more we will make up the difference.

Get in touch via our contact page, ring us on 01606 553200 or why not come on down and view our current stock and talk to one of our helpful and friendly staff.


Another Massive Saving!


After seeing our previous news feature about mentioning the colour panels you are looking for, Mr D. from London did the same.

His Corsa Combo Van was very poorly after receiving damage to the rear doors.

A quick call to Car Transplants Spares Dept. and he found we had the same colour doors for his van. No priming, no painting, no buffing, just Bolt-on and Go!

Mr D. was quoted as saying “Why anyone would go out and buy brand new parts when there are places like Car Transplants who will supply you with quality used parts, in the right colour is beyond me. I am a very happy bunny”

See how much you could save.

Give our Used Parts Department a call Today! (01270) 627919

Ask for Panels in Colour!

Laura from Cheshire called us because she needed panels and doors all round for her Honda Jazz (none of the damage her fault… allegedly). The car looked like it had more hits than Kenny Ball and his JazzMen!

She told us that her car was pink and it just so happened that we had the right parts she needed in the right colour.

Laura saved hundreds of pounds in bodyshop bills as the panels could be bolted straight on, no paint needed!

She was quoted as saying
“Car Transplants are fantastic, I am over the moon with my car now and have saved a bundle because the used panels I bought were the perfect match. Now I can treat myself to some new shoes and a bag with the money I have saved. Thanks a million!”

Check out the car now with the replacement panels:

You could be just as happy as Laura if you mention the colour of the panels you need.

Just contact our Used Parts Team.

Click here for Kenny Ball and his JazzMen

We will take anything in Part Exchange!


* now sold *

This 1980 Cat 769 has just arrived- if you are looking to sell anything, we can help. We will take anything in part exchange so give us a call…

Got something different you want to swap?

From a Daewoo to a Dumper, bring it in for a competitive part-ex price or get in touch via the contact page.