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Scrapping Your Old Vehicle at a Reputable Car Breakers Yard

Motor salvage specialists recycling vehicles at our breakers yard in the northwest

If you are about to dispose of your old car please act responsibly and take it to a reputable motor salvage specialist whose site is registered with the Environment Agency.

The days of leaving your car in a scrapyard where it will be left to rust or put straight into a crushing machine are long gone. All ELVs (end of life vehicles) should be depolluted and dismantled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Car Transplants continually invest in the latest automated depollution equipment and remove all recyclable spare parts, accessories and materials for resale, thereby reducing the need for manufacture of new parts.

We work to the highest of environmental standards - indeed the company was highly commended for its environmental achievements in the Motor Trader Industry awards.

In June 2011, Car Transplants became accredited to ISO 14001. We have a fully established Environmental Management System and passed our latest audit with flying colours with no recommendations for further improvement being made.

To arrange for the safe disposal of your ELV please call our breakers yard sales team on 01270 627919 or e-mail us at

We Buy Your Car

We operate a fleet of vehicle transporters from our Nantwich breakers yard and can collect your scrap car from a wide area covering most of the north west.

Please note the following:

  • Before we can accept your vehicle for salvage we require the Vehicle Registration Document (V5) and proof of identity. The name and address on any identity produced must match that on the V5 document. We will notify the DVLA in Swansea of your vehicle's destruction.
  • Due to the changes in Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 the following identification has to be provided before we can buy in a scrap vehicle. We have to be able to prove your: FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHOTOGRAPH AND DATE OF BIRTH, we therefore need the following identification:
    • A full driving licence including the photo card and paper counterpart would satisfy all the criteria shown above.
    • If you haven't got your full driving licence then we need something to prove your name, photograph and date of birth either:
      • Photo card part of driving licence (we cannot except just the photo card as full identification)
      • Passport
      • UK immigration document
    And the following to prove your address:
    • A bank or building society statement
    • A credit or debit card statement
    • A council tax demand letter or statement
    • A utility bill but not a mobile phone bill

    The identification we are allowed to accept is stipulated within the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, we will need to take copies for our records.
  • If any vehicle contains significant amounts of non-automotive waste then we reserve the right to levy a surcharge to cover our increased disposal processing costs.